Its fitting that the day after Halloween marks the beginning of National Diabetes month. The decorations are still up and the candy treats still linger in our homes and we tell our children,”Don’t eat too much candy or you will become diabetic.”

The reality is that 40 children will be diagnosed today with Juvenile Diabetes. That is over 13,000 children just this year with new cases. They are not diabetic because of the candy bowl but due to a pancreas that doesn’t produce insulin.

Larry Ducat was one of these children in 1970 and his mother Lee decided that she was going to help raise some money to find a cure. She got some girlfriends together, had a cocktail party and that was the beginning of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund).

Today, Lee’s organization has raised over $1.5billion dollars for research to end this horrid disease. In her words, she started this because “A passionate hope that there is a cure out there.”

That is Charity that Matters.

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